Namen: Pul

Pul has many synonyms. From the first time being mentioned, the spelling varies enormously. Because, as in the Middle Ages only a few could read and write, the name was passed on orally from generation to generation and only written down on special occasions. The spelling also depended on the background of the writer. Where the writer has grown up, what education the writer has received, and whether the writer had an ecclesiastical or secular background.
Pfuhle : we here use the current way of writing it as mentioned on the info sign at the ru─źn. In documents from that time we find variations as under: Pul, Pula, Pule, Pfule, Puel, Phuel und Phul.
(In high-german documents: Pfuel, Pfuhl, Pfull, Phull, Pull. in low-german documents: Pfoel, Phoel, Pool, Poele, Pole, Poll)

The meaning of Pfuhle (Pul) is probable linked with the area where the castle was located. A muddy wetland , moor in a river bend. In ancient German pfuhle means just that.